I got this email from a customer the other day. Her name is Jane. (Yes that’s her real name!) Jane is caring for her bedbound mother with Alzheimer’s. Her mom is starting to get bedsores. Jane needed to know everything, so I told her everything I know about how to stop bedsores. Especially which supplies […]

Canadian hospitals in the Toronto area are stepping up their commitment to stop pressure injuries. Jewell Nursing Solutions and Plexxus Shared Service Organization of Toronto have secured a purchasing agreement for the The Backbone(tm) Positioning Cushion. Giving nurses and patients access to the most innovative solution in pressure reliving positioning support in the world. Now […]

FAQ: Evaluating a positioning support device Whether you work for a medical facility or you are a caregiver at home, the quality of your pressure injury (bedsore) prevention is only as good as your Turning and Repositioning program. And the positioning device you choose to support a person in a 30 degree lateral turned position […]