Canadian hospitals in the Toronto area are stepping up their commitment to stop pressure injuries. Jewell Nursing Solutions and Plexxus Shared Service Organization of Toronto have secured a purchasing agreement for the The Backbone(tm) Positioning Cushion. Giving nurses and patients access to the most innovative solution in pressure reliving positioning support in the world. Now […]

FAQ: Evaluating a positioning support device Whether you work for a medical facility or you are a caregiver at home, the quality of your pressure injury (bedsore) prevention is only as good as your Turning and Repositioning program. And the positioning device you choose to support a person in a 30 degree lateral turned position […]

Many people have asked me if it is ‘legal’ to ask the hospital/skilled nursing facility/care home where my loved one is staying to use the Bedsore Rescue Backbone Positioning Cushion? First of all, YES! Actually its more than legal, it’s a requirement. Especially if that person has a wound on their behind. Most facilities and […]