Thank you for your interest in Jewell Nursing Solutions Products and Services.

To better serve your needs, please tell us a little about your facility.

What type of facility do you work with? (Acute care, Skilled Nursing, Rehab, Physical Therapy? Other?
What is your position/title for this facility?
How many beds are there at your facility?
What do your staff currently use to support a person in a pressure reduced position?
How many cushions for 30 degree lateral support do you think you need?
Are you interested in piloting The Backbone as part of a Pressure Injury Prevention Quality Improvement program? Or do you just want to get something better right now?
What is your time frame for implementation?
This is a delicate question but we have to ask it (your responses are kept 100% confidential): Are you having difficulty with compliance with frequent turning and peri-care protocols?
Are you interested in Jewell Nursing Solutions Pressure Injury Prevention Training Program also?