Bedsore Rescue and Jewell Nursing Solutions cushions and pillows are designed to support a person in a pressure reduced position according National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel Guidelines.

The development and progression of pressure injuries is a complex biophysical process. The processes and procedures to prevent and heal pressure injuries are also complicated. To date there is no one activity, intervention or care effort that by itself is proven to prevent or cure pressure injuries.

Our products are designed to provide support in a comfortable and pressure reduced position. We do not claim our products to be a substitute for quality health care. We do not claim our products to be solely capable of preventing or curing pressure injuries by themselves and in the absence of quality health care.
We educate and encourage everyone who is suffering or caring for someone who is suffering from pressure injuries to make all best efforts to prevent and treat pressure ulcers with a comprehensive approach. Caregivers must observe all best practice principles, including but not limited to providing frequent movement, turning, floating, sleeping on high quality pressure distributive surfaces, keeping as clean and dry as possible and supporting nutrition & hydration and management of disease or injury conditions are all important. And of course, quality wound care is essential.

Feel free to contact Jewell Nursing Solutions if you would like more information, or discuss your specific circumstances with a health care provider.

Cushions and Pillows are Class 1 devices and as such are not regulated by the FDA.