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My name is Donna DeAngeles. I was the caretaker for my partner, Beatrice. Gwen introduced us to the wedge at one of the facilities that Bea was at because she had these incredibly bad pressure sores.

Gwen helped us figure out how do to use the wedge and to be able to lift her enough that we could get off these pressure sores to give them an opportunity to heal.

They were actually so bad, she required surgery for them to do all of the turning, all of the placement. And it was really difficult where I was by myself because I would have to turn her and then be able to get all the pillows in in such a position that it actually helped.

Maybe they lasted 10 minutes because even in the facility that Bea was at we were still using pillows, actually just pillows, and it just wasn’t working.

Gwen saw that it wasn’t working and she brought us a wedge to try and it really worked wonderfully. It doesn’t go flat. It is in the exact right depth and height to hold the person in the right position, and because it’s curved and not flat like a pillow, we could actually put the wedge around the wound. So there was actually nothing on the wound unlike with a pillow.

All of her wounds were weeping. Eventually they would all be through whatever the dressing was there. So you’re constantly having to change the pillows, wash the pillows, change the pillowcases. Whereas the wedge, because it’s all sealed, all we had to do was take the wedge out, get a cloth or some kind of a disinfectant wipe and wipe the wedge down. And then put the same wedge back in.

We didn’t have to get different pillows. It just made it so much quicker for her and easier for us. Even when we had to put her bed up to eat or whatever, the wedge all stayed in place. So it really cut down the number of times that I had to cause her discomfort and pain to change the pillows or to do all of that.

I actually got two wedges, one on each side and actually elevate her your totally off the bed, and she was very comfortable because the wedges were comfortable. Then I think if we had that wedge a long time ago, they would not have been in the condition that they were in.