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My mother had a stroke and lost the use of her right arm and her legs. I brought her home and with the help of my daughter Heather we proceeded to take care for her. (Eventually) she got to a point where could not move herself.

We were trying to keep her turning. We were turning and turning and using pillows but even with the turning she was still getting the sores. It was quite a physical task, as well as mental. And nothing was working. It just kept going downhill like a vortex she spiraled down. The pressure sores became quite large on her heals and on her toes, and on her lower coccyx bone.

I started searching for something better and that’s how I found the website. We read your story and watched the video and it really looked like it would work so we said “lets give it a try”.

We got it and we read the brochure and we started using it and Wow! what a difference. Before, we were pulling our insides out just trying to get her turned. But once I got the proper equipment it was so much easier. I could do it myself.

And it was so comfortable for her. It didn’t matter if I had check and change her every hour, every two hours, it was just easier to do. It was just more consistent. The bedsores just started getting better and eventually everything went away. People who came to see her couldn’t believe how good she looked,. How clean she looked and how much better her physical condition was. They were amazed.