How To Use The Bedsore Rescue Cushion

Developed by an experienced Wound Care Nurse, The Bedsore Rescue BackBone Wedge is the only cushion designed for maximum comfort and minimum pressure.

Includes cleaning instructions and how to manage difficult turn situations


As far as possible to side position.


The cushion so that “tips” point towards bed.

Press Top

The upper tip under scapula (shoulder blade).


To avoid sacrum,/coccyx or wound area.
See below for suggestions for how to place to get good
support without touching wounds

Press Bottom

After adjusting as desired, press the lower
tip down to fit under body

Roll Back

Onto the cushion. Best to hold cushion in
place during roll

Hand Check

Optional: May slide a hand under the cushion to assure proper placement away from pressure points / wounds.

Place UNDER moisture control pads/chux and OVER boosting sheets.

DO NOT cover with standard pillow case sheets, they make the cushion slip

Comfort Tips

Everybody is different. To find a position that works best to achieve maximum comfort and pressure relief for you, the cushion can be set to accommodate your person. It may be placed above or below the wound, or you may want to move the cushion closer to the body or further away, angle the upper tip closer than lower tip or visa versa.

Nursing Advice

We at Jewell Nursing Solutions understand it’s not always easy to turn and support a person off the bedsore properly.
If you are having difficulty with turning and repositioning, see our “Learn to Turn” section for more information.
Or feel free to contact us directly if you need specific nursing advice or want to learn about a few tricks of the trade!