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I wanted to send out this conversation I had with someone the other day who got The BackBone positioning cushion. Its a bit long but i think it would be very beneficial to hear, especially for those of you who are, or know someone who is going through a similar experience.

If you need any help with using the cushion or about pressure injuries in general, please write or call me.

Gwen Jewell, Clinical Nurse II, BSN, CWS

Wound Care  – Pressure Injury Prevention


From: Customer
Re: Product details inquiry from Amazon customer

Nov 23 8:12 AM
Hello, just got your wedge for my paralyzed husband. The outer shell is so slippery (he’s wearing a diaper and is resting on plastic pads) that it slips out from under him as there is no friction. This thing is only 30% effective if it does not stay in place!!!! Do you sell covers for it, say terry cloth, so it is less slippery? I am desperate here as he has a serious wound on his behind! (Bedsore) Thanks Joann

Nov 23 11:38 AM
Hello, – We’re sorry you are having difficulty. I created this product because I have experienced the same problems you are having with my patients. Supporting the turn position is not as easy as it sounds. But it is critical that it be done, so hang in there I am here to help you figure it out!

I do have a few recommendations

1. We do have fitted covers that helps a lot. Here is the link https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NQVRFQR?ref=myi_title_dp

2. Attached is an instruction booklet for how to support someone in this position using the cushion. It also has some tips for “difficult” turns. Its good information for you but reading what you said, I don’t this it discusses your particular situation. 3.I also attached the “3 P’s of Pressure Injury Prevention”. It discusses other products to use and not use.

What stands out in what you told me is that plastic backed pad. We recommend against plastic backed products because they make a person sweat and they “puddle” moisture against the skin. Paper back pads, such as the Ultrasorb by Medline are much better. If you put that under him, then put the wedge under the paper pad, it stays a lot better.

There are links to the pads on my 3 P’s booklet attached, but if you search that name on Amazon you can find good deals for them. This is so important that I send my new customers free samples to test out. I can send some to you if you want. Let me know your amazon order number and date you purchased, or just reply with your address again.

4. I don’t know if you are having problems with this with your dad, but it is always best to have him roll all the way over to the side first, then put the cushion under the paper pad and tuck it under his buttocks and upper back, so that when he lays back on it, he is more on top of it than beside it. You can hold the cushion while he rolls back on it.

I am happy to help out further if you have more questions, please feel free to call me: (650) 430-4852. Thanks for reaching out. Sincerely, Gwen Jewell, Clinical Nurse II, BSN, Certified Wound Care Specialist Jewell Nursing Solutions

Nov 25 12:39 PM
Thank you, that helped a lot. I have ordered 1 more wedge and two covers.

Nov 25 5:41 PM
So glad we were able to help. We will get out your new order ASAP. Cheers, Caroline