Dear Clients, Colleagues and Friends;

This Corona outbreak is bad enough. But I worry more about a trend I am seeing toward an “unintended consequence” of the Coronavirus outbreak. It is the rationing of our medical care beyond emergency or COVID. Coronavirus or not, you still need healthcare. Perhaps now even more than ever.

To do our part to help people get through these extraordinary times, we are offering a FREE nurse advice call line. Call us if you need any nurse advice or recommendations for the person you are caring for, or yourself. Anything from pressure injury prevention and care to how to stay safe. Please feel free to call us. We are here for you! (650) 294-8557

Why are we offering this?
All over the country, we are hearing stories from people who are being denied healthcare “unless they have symptoms of Coronavirus or a life threatening emergency”. Other healthcare needs are considered “non-essential” and do not “qualify” for service right now.

Some people are being denied homecare, and some skilled nursing facilities are closing their doors to new patients. Many specialty clinics are closed, and acute care facilities are postponing everything from wound care to cardiac ablations.

I know we are all afraid of the Coronavirus. But that doesn’t mean all your other healthcare needs are not important. The good news is, we can all take comfort in knowing that this is a temporary problem. I don’t know how long it will take, but don’t worry, we will get through it.

In the meantime, I want everyone to know that Jewell Nursing Solutions is staying open and we will continue to make the best pressure reduction positioning cushion on the market.

More importantly, we will continue to provide comprehensive bedsore prevention education and support directly to you. For free.
We are open from 800am to 200pm pacific standard time, Monday through Saturday. You can call us at (650) 294-8557. Or you can write us at