Bedsore Rescue Cushions Satisfaction Guarantee and Warranty

We are so sure you will find your new Bedsore Rescue Cushion the most effective, comfortable and helpful cushion you have ever had, we guarantee it!

If you decide something else will work better, send the cushion back within 10 days for full refund.

Guaranteed to provide the most exact 30 degree turned support possible
Guaranteed to provide the most gentle and comfortable positioning
The only cushion contoured to avoid direct contact sore spots, wherever they might be.
Low profile lift without pushing too far over (easy on the shoulders and hips)
Provides full back and hip support for ergonomically correct alignment.
Stays in place better than any other lateral positioning wedge.
The only lateral positioning wedge that stays in place with head of bed elevation.
The only lateral positioning wedge that claims more comfort and better pain relief!

Made from quality materials in the USA
High grade foam core and high density memory foam top layer
Soft, breathable and moisture resistant and antimicrobial Chemtik ® fabric cover is gentle on the skin and easy to clean. No laundering necessary.

Terms and Warranty
Satisfaction guarantee or your money back limited to 2 cushion purchase. Return within 10 days.
All Bedsore Rescue cushions come with a 6 month warranty on materials and construction under normal wear and tear. Exposure to sharp objects, excessive heat or submersion voids warranty.
If you can no longer use your Bedsore Rescue Cushion due to death or full recovery, please contact us to learn about our donation program.