I got this email from a customer the other day. Her name is Jane. (Yes that’s her real name!)

Jane is caring for her bedbound mother with Alzheimer’s. Her mom is starting to get bedsores. Jane needed to know everything, so I told her everything I know about how to stop bedsores. Especially which supplies to use and which supplies to stay away from. All information she was not given by her healthcare providers.

When I told Jane I was thinking about putting together starter kits so that people could get everything they needed with one order, she was thrilled.

Turns out she is tired of struggling with hundreds of suppliers. Suppliers who get so many calls it takes 10 minutes to get to a live person. And when she did get a live person, he/she can’t answer your questions and doesn’t really care about what the right answers is anyway.

You can see by Janes letter how confusing it can get. Even after I told Jane what to look for, she got lost in the zillions of products out there, and the vague descriptions that came with each. The questions about the Calmoseptine are because she was looking at a knock off of the product I suggested she get.

Jane said having a one stop shop would change her life.

So I got busy reaching out to manufacturers that make good quality and effective products. To see if I could provide the all the products Jane needed on my website.

The reply I got the next day opened my eyes to why Jane, and over 41 million Americans like her, are having so much trouble. I put the eye opening reply beneath Janes letter.

Small business is the cornerstone of our economy. Business like ours are in the best position and the most likely to be able to provide quality services and support for their customers. Something our healthcare system desperately needs right now.

When big business prices small businesses out of the game, it limits access to the people who need it the most. It raises cost and disrupts fair competition. Healthcare is compromised even further. It’s no wonder the Pressure Injury Prevention problem is getting worse.

Of course, I cannot tell you which manufacturer this is. If Goliath wants to squash us now, we don’t even have a stone to throw in defense!

If you know somebody who needs help stopping bedsores, please share this with them. Or share my website address bedsorerescue.com


This is the Letter from Jane


Hi Gwen

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. Its was so helpful and comforting learning their are proven methods to care for and to prevent bed sores. Thank you !!

… I am so excited about the start up package, cant wait to get one. But, in the interim, since I am not sure when it will be available, if you dont mind, can you please tell me if the calmoseptine should be in cream, ointment or powder form? I Want to make sure I the correct or the most effective one (your recommended one).

On the peri soap designed to manage urine & stool, do you have a brand or type you would recommend? I’ve never heard of this and getting the impression this is not a regular soap. You dont have to use water and some come in foam ? At night that would come in handy, not having to use water, if that’s proper?

Im sorry about the many questions. This is a whole new world to me and a foreign one. I Cant even wrap my mind on the no diaper at night and laying on an absorbent pad. But wanted to start with the things I could readily obtain and start using NOW to help my mom. I can all your recommendations in the start package when available.

Again, thank you so much for sharing your time, knowledge and passion to help others! May you be richly blessed !

This is the reply from the large manufacturer I asked to carry their products for my customers.
Hi Gwen~

I received notification that you are interested in reselling _______ products online.

______ has an authorized reseller program; I have outlined the criteria below in order to become eligible:

• Minimum spend of Tier 1 – $250K/year and have the credit to support.
• Set up fee of $10K to be reimbursed once $250K annual spend is achieved
• Must abide by all MAP rulings
• Must agree to not sell ______ products on the Market places. This would include: A_ _ _ _ _.com, W_ _ _ _ _ _.com, J_ _.com and O_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.com.
• Own company stand-alone web site active for minimum of 1 year that portrays quality shopping experience for customers.
• Will agree not to sell product internationally. All internet sales are within the continental United States.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you soon.