Donna DeAngeles

“Gwen helped us figure out how to use the wedge to be able to lift her up enough so that we could get her off those pressure sores. It gave them an opportunity to heal. ”

I use it every day

“I brought it in and slipped it under my husbands backside, and he had immediate relief from the pressure.”

Heather and Rita

My mother had a stroke and lost the use of her right arm and her legs. I brought her home and with the help of my daughter Heather we proceeded to take care for her. (Eventually) she got to a point where could not move herself. We were trying…

Nurses Testimonials

Satisfaction survey respondents (administered anonymously per policy)

  • "The wedges work great for my patients and I find that they are more secure than pillows and keep my patients at a 30-degree angle much better than pillows"
  • "I‘m impressed with the Jewell Backbone. I’ve been able to provide comfort to my patients with this device"
  • "As coincidence would have it, I had to use this cushion for my family member. The Jewell’s Backbone was instrumental in assisting and healing of a sheering pressure ulcer for him. I am grateful that this positioning cushion was available for my family member and as a mid level provider I strongly support is usage!"
  • "I just wish we had more of these. They work better than pillows, and are easier to insert than pillows. They work well, no matter how big or small the patients are"
  • "People liked them so much, they seem to be taking them home"
  • "This is a new one of a kind innovative product that should be adopted across all hospital settings"

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